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Monthly Archives: December 2010

The visuals to Ye’s track off My Beautiful Dark Twister Fantasy.


Glad to see Derrick’s second show model will look better then the original. Look for the aidZero Rose 1.5 in stores in Spring of 2011.

One of my favorite bands, The Gorillaz, delivery the gift of free music for Christmas. This 15-track album was composed during their recent tour, mostly using and iPad and 9 other instruments. Don’t let the lack of the big studio fool you, this album is fantastic. Download “The Fall”

Tomfoolery at it’s finest. Happy Holidays.

I usually hate behind the scenes videos but I gotta support the Ghost. Peep the Cap, and Chef cameos. Go cop Apollo Kids on 6/21/10.

Apollo Kids live to spit the real

Kevin Hart make this shit 1000000000X funnier

Flying Lotus is one my favorite artists out right now. This is a video the good folks out at [adult swim] put together with this video of Flying Lotus song off his album Cosmogramma that is in stores now.